All workshops begin Friday at 6pm and end on Sunday at 2pm unless otherwise noted.

All Peaceable Barn workshops include:

  • Healthy, delicious meals
  • A gorgeous, buttery dance floor
  • Accommodations for overnight stay
  • An outside bonfire, woods for walking, and birds for watching.

Workshop Details & Registration


November 8-11, 2019 Embodiment in Contact: A CI Workshop with Alicia Grayson and Bradley Ellis
December 20-22, 2019 A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Tim O’Donnell
January 24-26, 2020 Advance CI Lab for Women with Sarah Konner and Shura Baryshnikov
Spring 2020 Date TBA A Contact Improvisation Workshop with Peter Chamberlin and Elise Knudson

Embodiment in Contact – A Contact Improvisation Workshop

Contact Improvisation
WITH Alicia Grayson and Bradley Ellis
November 8-11, 2019

In this lovely weekend workshop participants will engage deeply in embodiment practices, beginning with our solo dance, then expanding into duets, trios, and larger ensembles. Specific solo, duet, trio and ensemble skills include: Listening practices to open more choices and surprise; organizing the body around the point(s) of contact; finding the ground through our own and our partner’s bodies; using spatial reach to create lightness and potentiality; and learning new tools (or honing existing ones) for delightful falling and flying. In addition to the above practices, we will honor our physical, emotional, and mental boundaries while simultaneously inviting expansion. We will discover the magic that happens as our creative minds and hearts play with the physics of solo, duet, trio and ensemble dances.

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Our Moving Bodies: Advanced CI Lab Weekend for Women

Led by Shura Baryshnikov and Sarah Konner
January 24-26, 2020

This is an advanced Contact Improvisation laboratory for dancers who identify as women as well as gender non-binary and non-conforming.* Within the culture of the jam, binary duets often dominate the physical and energetic landscape. What is behind this norm? What psychosomatic, emotional, and cultural expectations and patterns are at play when men and women dance together? In this lab space, we have been intentionally examining our dances with other women and considering what is different? Throughout the weekend, we will lead a few structured warm-ups and offerings, but the primary focus will be playing , dancing, and investigation together on topics of shared interest. We will aim to unlock the possibilities of our freest dancing and find fullness in the form with other women – opening to athleticism, attraction, intimacy, and risk level with our partners. Bring your questions and desires?
This will be our fifth year hosting the event, and after our previous experiences, we could not be more thrilled to organize and participate with you again! We’re looking forward to time set aside to nourish our creativity, share meals, dances, ideas, and conversation.
* We acknowledge that it can be problematic to create gender-delineated spaces within a cultural climate where gender identity is so rapidly expanding and continually evolving. We began offering women-only spaces for practicing Contact Improvisation five years ago, and even as the container is healthily questioned, we find it still to be valuable and needed in our community. In the language for this lab, we have continued to use the term women, but we aim to use it expansively and want to be in dialogue with those who believe they would benefit from participation.

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Floor Work, Fluidity and Flight

An Intermediate Contact Improvisation Workshop with TIM O’DONNELL DECEMBER 20-22, 2019 With a strong grounding in contact improvisation, we will experiment with the below three concepts to expand our dancing from the gentle and subtle to the acrobatic and fluidly athletic. Class exercises are strongly rooted in functional anatomical principals that emphasize clarity, momentum and release in order to build the kinesthetic awareness necessary for the dancing that follows. Floor work, fluidity and flight are the three concepts

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