A weekend-long, open-level intensive with Chris Aiken

This workshop focuses on the core principles underlying contact improvisation.  It is about skillful practice that develops from focused attention, open-heartedness, and the refinement of movement and awareness.  CI is rooted in the language of touch and basic movement principles such as alignment, coordination, modulating the tone and perceptual tuning that allows us to adapt to what is happening. Our dancing together will be informed by a sense of playfulness and respect for one another and our own limits.

Chris Aiken has been involved in the development of CI for over four decades.  He has collaborated and performed with many of the leader figures of the form including Nancy Stark Smith, Steve Paxton, Kirstie Simson, Ray Chung, Andrew Harwood and Peter Bingham.  His teaching is informed by years of study and practice of the Alexander Technique, ideokinesis, myofascial training, and bodywork, Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis, and the study of the body.  He is currently a professor of dance at Smith College.

The workshop includes:
*Healthy, delicious meals
*A gorgeous, buttery dance floor
*Accommodations for overnight stay


Please note – We will only offer partial participation for this workshop if the workshop is not full.  It is our intention to create a container for participants to join us for the whole experience. Space is limited to 14 registrants.

$300 – pay-it-forward price, helping folks attend this workshop for whom the regular price would be a hardship

$275 – regular price: fully covers teachers’ fees, food and lodging, and overhead expenses

$225 – 3 spots available at this rate

*$75 deposit due upon registering

All events are @ The Peaceable Barn Studio in Redding, CT (accessible by MTA)

Registration and Questions:

Contact Jovaninapeaceablebarnstudio@gmail.com

If you need to have a further conversation about finances, or anything else, we welcome you to reach out!  

April 26-28: Degrees of Freedom: Skill, Intention and Imagination

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