In this lovely intermediate/advanced workshop, taught by the dynamic and inspiring Alicia Grayson, workshop members will engage deeply in embodiment practices, beginning with our solo dance, then expanding into duets, trios and larger ensembles. In our solo dance, we will draw from original CI practices, while bringing in the knowledge of developmental movement patterns, Body Mind Centering, breath work and images from the natural world. From this grounded base, we will move into the exploration of Contact Improvisation, experiencing how the co-creativity of contact improvisation is exponentially amplified when we are deeply anchored to our own embodiment.

Prices and Registration:
$300 – pay-it-forward price, helping folks attend this workshop for whom the regular price would be a hardship
$275 – regular price: fully covers teachers’ fees, food and lodging, and overhead expenses
$225 – 3 spots available at this rate

Space is limited to 14 registrants.
$75 deposit is due by Friday, October 20, 2023

For More Information:
Contact Jovanina Pagano, 917-238-7473

Embodiment in Contact - A Contact Improvisation Workshop

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