Our Moving Bodies:   An Advanced CI Lab Weekend for Women
June 8-10, 2018

For intermediate/advanced dancers

In this advanced laboratory for only women dancers, we will have the opportunity to investigate questions of athleticism, attraction, intimacy, and risk level with our partners. Through a lens of technicality, we will aim to unlock the possibilities of our freest flying, subtle softness, safety, and flirtatious love affairs in our dances together; accessing this form in its fullness with other women.

Within the culture of the jam, male-female duets often dominate the physical and energetic landscape. What is behind this norm? What psychosomatic, emotional, and cultural expectations and patterns are at play? We have been asking questions around our dances with women and are considering what is different.

Throughout the weekend, we will lead a few structured warm-ups and offerings, but the primary focus will be playing, dancing, and investigation together on topics of shared interest. Bring your questions and desires!

This will be our second year hosting the event, and after our first experience, we are absolutely thrilled to organize and participate with you again! We’re looking forward to time set aside to nourish our creativity and share meals, dances, ideas, and conversation. What a joy!

Price: sliding scale $150-$175-$200 (work study available)
Registration: Please write to WomensCILab@gmail.com with 1-2 paragraphs stating your interest in this inquiry. (This will help us to organize interests and desires for the weekend).

Upon confirmation from us by email, mail in your $50 deposit

Our Moving Bodies Registration- June 8-10, 2018

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