Contact Improvisation
APRIL 26-28. 2019
For intermediate dancers

The practice of Contact Improvisation stimulates physical creativity, self-awareness, and the ability to listen and communicate in exquisite detail with the entire body.  I’m interested in identifying and questioning the ways in which we hold ourselves back from full expression, and what could be released in our dancing if we open up new gateways.  We will have luxurious time for solo exploration, and gradually layer in active witnessing and partnered touch, leading to contact duets that are evocative and image-based. We can dance our questions: where do I end and you begin, and who/what else is in here moving through us? We will practice tuning into our partners while staying alert to what our listening bodies can learn about ourselves in each moment. In partnership, we will explore ways of cooperating to enhance momentum, and the beauty of relinquishing control in order to find more physical safety in the dance. In open scores and trios, we will play with the challenge and thrill of encountering multiple partners: honest bodies in motion.

Price: sliding scale $160-$180-$200 (work study available)
Registration: Space is limited!! Registration and $50 deposit due by Friday, April 19, 2019
Information: Contact Jovanina Pagano, 917-238-7473

CI - TIM O'DONNELL Workshop Registration- APRIL 27-29, 2018

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