All workshops begin Friday at 6pm and end on Sunday at 2pm unless otherwise noted.

All Peaceable Barn workshops include:

  • Healthy, delicious meals
  • A gorgeous, buttery dance floor
  • Accommodations for overnight stay
  • An outside bonfire, woods for walking, and birds for watching.

Workshop Details & Registration


April 27-29, 2018 Tim O’Donnell  
May 20, 2018 Seasonal CI Dance with Live Music Jam with Stephen Katz
June 8-10, 2018  Women’s CI Lab with Shura Baryshnikov and Sarah Konner

Contact: Touch, Flow and Imagination

Contact Improvisation
DECEMBER 15-17, 2017

This is a workshop for intermediate-advanced dancers who are committed to expanding their understanding and practice of Contact Improvisation. Our focus will be to deepen our physical skills while tuning our perceptual awareness and poetic imagination. We will use a variety of approaches including skill work, perceptual tuning, somatic exploration, and our capacity to imagine. . Our goal will be to have exhilarating dances which make us feel connected to each other, our surroundings and ourselves. The use of the imagination in this context is not an escape in to fantasy, but rather a means to connect more deeply to the ecological web of our experience.

Note: This workshop is extended on Sunday to include one more movement session. The workshop will end at 5pm on Sunday

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CI Principles – From the Ground Up, A Journey through the Chakras

Contact Improvisation
JANUARY 12-15, 2018
This all Levels workshop will support each individual, regardless of experience, to grow in their own solo and contact improvisation embodiment and skills. Each session will focus on one of the 7 major chakras as a lens through which we will build solo and partnering skills that support contact improvisation. Working from the ground up we expand our abilities to listen to ourselves and our partners so that the flow of life energy can move effortlessly through us as we improvise in contact. The following themes gleaned from the 7 major chakras will weave their way into the workshop: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sound and Vibration, Light and Perception and Opening to the Source or the Mystery.
Note: This is a three day workshop which starts on Friday and ends on Monday afternoon. We are asking for a commitment to the full workshop due to the nature of the material.

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Our Moving Bodies: Advanced CI Lab Weekend for Women

In this advanced laboratory for only women dancers, we will have the opportunity to investigate questions of athleticism, attraction, intimacy, and risk level with our partners. Through a lens of technicality, we will aim to unlock the possibilities of our freest flying, subtle softness, safety, and flirtatious love affairs in our dances together; accessing this form in its fullness with other women. Throughout the weekend, we will lead a few structured warm-ups and offerings, but the primary focus will be playing, dancing, and investigation together on topics of shared interest.

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Contact Improvisation

An Intermediate Contact Improvisation Workshop with TIM O’DONNELL APRIL 27-29, 2018 The practice of Contact Improvisation stimulates physical creativity, self-awareness, and the ability to listen and communicate in exquisite detail with the entire body. I’m interested in identifying and questioning the ways in which we hold ourselves back from full expression, and what could be released in our dancing if we open up new gateways.  We will have luxurious time for solo exploration, and gradually layer in active witnessing and partnered touch, leading to contact duets that are evocative and image-based.

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